Wrongful death suit filed in St. Louis County against police officers who alledgedly pushed man down stairs

stairs.JPGA wrongful death suit has been filed in St. Louis County against the police officers who allegedly pushed a man down a flight of stairs to his death. The family members of Kenneth Hamilton allege that three Overland, Missouri police officers used excessive force by pushing Hamilton down about 11 stairs and that they denied Hamilton medical treatment by leaving his apartment without getting him any medical help.

Hamilton died of a brain injury five days after the St. Louis area police officers allegedly pushed him down the stairs. One Overland officer, Andrew Ringeisen, of Troy, Missouri, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter by the St. Louis County Prosecutor, 10SL-CR02380.

Overland police officers went to Hamilton’s home on March 20, 2010 after receiving a call about a road rage incident involving a car matching the description of one drove by Hamilton. Hamilton drove a conspicuous vehicle, a jeep with a police siren and police lights. The lawsuit says that the officers pushed him down the stairs. Hamilton’s brother, Joe Hamilton, said he heard a thumping noise and found his brother lying at the foot of the stairs, unconscious.

The city of Overland has hired former U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Limbaugh, Sr. to investigate this incident. Limbaugh is now senior counsel at Armstrong Teasdale in St. Louis, Missouri.