Unemployment benefits discussed by Missouri Court of Appeals

unemployment map.pngWith many Missourians currently feeling the effects of the sluggish economy, seeking “unemployment benefits”:https://www.ui.labor.mo.gov/som/ has become a common practice for many Missouri residents. Unfortunately, many claimants are denied benefits that they should be entitled to receive. The Missouri Court of Appeals recently decided a case that discussed whether a worker “voluntarily” left her position.

Under Missouri unemployment benefits law, claimants are not entitled to benefits if they left work voluntarily. “288.050 RSMo”:http://www.moga.mo.gov/statutes/C200-299/2880000050.HTM. Whether an employee left their position voluntarily is not always such a clear question. The Missouri Court of Appeals recently determined that a woman who was experiencing car problems and was unable to arrive to work did not voluntarily quit her job. The underlying decision had determined that she had left voluntarily, but the Missouri Court of Appeals determined that because she had called into work and expressed a desire not to lose her job, she did not leave voluntarily.

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