Traffic accidents involving pedestrians require attention from both drivers and pedestrians to be avoided

41_07_66-Pedestrian-Crossing-Road-Traffic-Sign_web-thumb-230x345Missouri traffic accidents involving pedestrians are especially dangerous and can be deadly. A pedestrian does not have the added safety of being within a protective shell of a vehicle, and a human body does not stand much of a chance against a moving vehicle of any size. This also includes persons who are riding bicycles on Missouri roadways. Missouri drivers should take care to watch for pedestrians and cyclers when driving.

In the St. Louis news today, a child pedestrian was struck by a school bus within the city of St. Louis. Thankfully the child survived, but not all children are so fortunate. Children pedestrians are often even more difficult for drivers to see, so take extra caution and care when driving near areas where children might be, like near playgrounds and schools.

The Missouri Department of Transportation formed the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee in 1998 to address issues involving pedestrians and bicycle riders.