St. Louis shooting at ABB Inc. subject of wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits

Thumbnail image for 1796548344_f03cae6ee7.jpgWrongful death and personal injury lawsuits have been filed St. Louis by the families of two St. Louis, Missouri area men that were killed in the shooting at ABB Inc. earlier this year. The families have sued the security firm Securitas Security Services and two security guards employed by Securitas for damages for the death and personal injuries of their loved ones. Three people who were injured in the shooting are also part of the lawsuit, and they also brought claims for emotional distress. They are being represented by Edward Hereshewe of Joplin, Missouri.

The lawsuit, filed last month in St. Louis Circuit Court, alleges that the security firm and its employees were negligent by not preventing the shooter, Tim Hendron, from bringing guns into the building, by not subduing him once he was in the building, and by not warning employees. Hendron, of Webster Groves, Missouri, was a disgruntled employee who was part of a class action suit against ABB Inc. over pension plan fees. Hendron came into ABB Inc. the day of the shooting with an assault rifle, two shotguns and a pistol. He killed three people and wounded five others.

This case will raise the issue of the standard of care during an emergency situation, and what their duty was, as security guards, to take action during a shooting situation. Of the lawsuits filed regarding this shooting, none have named ABB Inc. as a defendant.

Similarly, a family member of one of the deceased in the Kirkwood, Missouri City Hall shooting in 2008 has brought a lawsuit against the security company hired to protect City Hall.