St. Louis postal worker awarded $1.5 million in personal injury settlement

800px-USPS-Mail-Truck.jpgA St. Louis U.S. postal worker sustained severe personal injuries in an accident where he was pinned between two trucks at a loading dock. The plaintiff had exited his own truck on the loading dock when another truck driver, Robert Chandler II, pulled his truck away from the loading dock and hit the postal worker, pinning him between the two trucks. The postal worker suffered a fractured pelvis, a fractured left acetabulum, and a ruptured bladder and urethra, which left him with permanent sexual dysfunction. He underwent several surgeries and other procedures, but is still unable to engage in sexual intercourse due to erectile dysfunction, and cannot empty his bladder without difficulty.

The plaintiff’s attorneys, James Lemonds and Andrea McNairy of Brown & Crouppen in St. Louis, argued that Chandler was inexperienced and had only been allowed to drive a truck alone for 2 days at the time of the accident. He also lacked a chauffeur’s license, which is required under Missouri law. Prior to being allowed to drive a truck alone, Chandler had one week of training, which consisted of observing another driver.

The lawsuit claimed that Pre-Sort, Chandler’s employer, failed to equip its trucks with devices that would warn the drivers when they were backing into something, and that it failed to properly train and supervise its drivers. The plaintiff’s wife also had a loss of consortium claim against Pre-Sort and Chandler.