St. Louis Missouri haunted house named in wrongful death case

haunted house.jpgThe St. Louis haunted house “The Darkness,” located in Soulard, is being sued for wrongful death stemming from the November 2010 death of a local teen, Brittney Holmes. The actual entity named as a defendant is Halloween Productions, Inc., which ran the haunted house.

Holmes visited the haunted house in October 2009, and felt sick on her ride home. She spent almost a year in a vegetative state, before dying in November 2010. Her medical bills totaled around $1 million. Holmes had suffered from many allergies and asthma. The haunted house piped in artificial smells and fog in order to enhance the haunted house experience. These air particulates are alleged to have caused Holmes’s death. Halloween Productions, Inc. alleges that it posted signs warning customers who had respiratory problems not to enter the house.