St. Louis Missouri federal jury awards $100,000 in auto accident case

rear end accident.jpgA St. Louis jury awarded Philip Simms $100,000 for his personal injuries he sustained in a vehicle crash in St. Charles County. Simms suffered small fractures in his neck as a result of the rear end crash. He settled with the other driver’s insurance company, then sued his own insurance company to recover under his underinsured policy. The case was tried in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.

Simms had to wear a neck brace for months, and eventually the many fractures healed without surgery. The judge reduced the jury award amount by the $50,000 the other driver’s insurance paid, and the $5,000 already paid by Simms’s insurer, Progressive. According to testimony, the other driver was drunk when he rear ended Simms. However, Simms also admitted have 2 beers earlier in the day.