St. Charles wrongful death suit filed against mother of baby who died

dirty wine glass.jpgSt. Charles resident Joseph S. Potter has sued his estranged wife, Alyssa Rae Potter for the death of their son, Wyatt Potter. The St. Charles wrongful death suit was filed in May 2010. Wyatt was 6 weeks old when he died of suffocation. On November 19, 2009, Alyssa had been in charge of watching Wyatt when she drank 3 or 4 glasses of wine before allowing Wyatt to sleep next to her in her bed, where she promptly fell asleep. Wyatt died of suffocation.

Alyssa had been charged with child endangerment but those charges were dropped. A grand jury decided not to indict her. The St. Charles County medical examiner determined Wyatt died of accidental suffocation. Joseph Potter’s lawsuit alleges that Alyssa had put Wyatt face down on her bed and then rolled on top of him. Police have determined that they do not know what really happened that night.

Joseph Potter is represented by St. Louis attorney Paul Passanante. He has said that he believes that Alyssa was unable to stay sober and take care of her child adequately.

Alyssa was also charged in April with harassment. She allegedly left numerous messages with her sister in law, blaming her for the child endangerment charges brought against her. Alyssa and Joseph are also in the process of obtaining a Missouri divorce.