St. Charles Missouri woman injured in car crash settles for $1.15 million

Thumbnail image for st. charles courthouse.jpgA St. Charles, Missouri driver who suffered from severe pelvis and knee fractures as a result of an auto accident has settled with the other driver for $1.15 million. Marilyn Leach was driving along the road in St. Charles when she was hit head-on by 17-year old Cody Bernat, who was driving 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. Bernat and his friends were not seriously injured, but Leach was seriously injured, as her lower body was flattened beneath the dashboard and her upper body hit her steering wheel so hard the steering wheel broke it in two. Bernat had crossed the center line, and received a ticket for the accident.

After multiple surgeries, Leach’s injuries require that she now walk with a cane. She was an assistant manager in a fast food restaurant, but can no longer work. Bernat was covered under his father’s $1 million umbrella policy. Leach did not have health insurance at the time of the accident.

Just recently, Missouri recognized National Teen Driver Safety Week. And while the teen in this case was not seriously injured, car accidents are the number one cause of injury for teens. In this case, the teen injured another.