Settlement reached for St. Louis student injured by St. Louis police officer

School hall.jpgThe St. Louis student who was allegedly assaulted by an off-duty St. Louis police officer at his school was awarded a settlement of $145,000 from the school for his personal injuries. Barbara Perry’s son, J.N, was a minor who attended Imagine Academy of Careers in St. Louis. He was allegedly assaulted by Eugene Page, an off-duty police officer who was involved in a relationship with J.N.’s teacher, Genesa Smith. The lawsuit was filed by J.N.’s mother Barbara, and the petition alleged that J.N. was taken into a classroom by Page, who then choked and beat J.N. The classroom was being guarded by a security guard at the time. J.N.’s mother alleged that he suffered blunt force trauma and injuries to his spine because of the assault. The settlement releases Imagine Academy and its employees from any future liability as a result of this incident, but Page himself and the St. Louis Police did not settle.

Since this incident, Page was issued a reprimand by the St. Louis Police Department for conducting personal business while wearing his uniform off-duty. It is unclear why Page was at the school, or what interactions by J.N. and the officer led to the beating.