Recent Missouri Family Law Court Decisions

divorce.jpgThe Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District, recently upheld a trial court’s judgment in G.C. v. Greene County Juvenile Office, that terminated a father’s parental rights. The court held that the evidence showed that the father had anger issues, that the father did not recognize that the mother could not care for the child due to her mental illness, and that the father could not support the child since he chose to remain without a job. The court held it was in the child’s best interest to terminate the parental rights of the father.

In Allen v. Allen, the mother was appealing the trial court’s modification of child custody. The mother argued that the guardian ad litem that was appointed did not properly fulfill its duties, by not interviewing the child about alleged child abuse by his father. The appeals court held that the child had been interviewed too often, and any allegations of child abuse by the father had already been found to be not credible. The Southern District Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment.