Personal injury victims strike back against criticism with “Hot Coffee”

Everyone has heard the criticism and attacks on trial lawyers and victims of personal injuries who sue when they are injured. People often cite trial lawyers and victims who bring a lawsuit as a drain on business and call such lawsuits “frivolous.” However, if you’ve ever been injured because of the fault of another, you know your lawsuit is not “frivolous.” And unfortunately, the victim’s side of the story is often not told. However, a new film is about to premier on HBO that tells a victim’s side of the story.

HBO will show a documentary entitled “Hot Coffee” on June 27, 2011. This movie tells the tale of the most famous personal injury lawsuit of all time–the lady who spilled her McDonald’s hot coffee on her lap. This movie will be eye-opening for many who have been taught to believe that all personal injury lawsuits are frivolous and are just brought by people who are greedy and seeking a jack-pot win.