Personal injury action filed after auto accident involving teenage brother and sister settles for $4,000,000

bar 2.jpgIn February, 2008 a teenage brother and sister were involved in an auto accident with an intoxicated driver. Shortly before the accident, the drunk driver had been drinking beer at a local Kansas City restaurant. His blood was drawn after the accident, and his blood alcohol content was beyond the legal limit. Both teenagers suffered severe injuries in the accident. The young man’s medical specials totaled $115,000, and the young woman’s totaled $150,000.

The brother and sister brought a personal injury action against the restaurant in Jackson County, Missouri, based on an alleged violation of Missouri’s dram shop law. The plaintiffs claimed the restaurant knew the man was intoxicated before he left. They further claimed the restaurant failed to have precautionary policies in place regarding the safe administration and service of alcohol by its employees. The case settled for $4,000,000. The identity of the parties was not released due to the confidentiality terms of the settlement.