Missouri Workers’ Compensation Second Injury Fund Not Paying Injured Workers

Capita.jpgMissouri workers who have had an existing injury worsened by a workplace related injury are going to find it difficult if not impossible to receive compensation for their injury. Missouri’s Second Injury Fund (SIF), which compensates injured workers when their job worsens an already existing disability, has stopped paying any new claims since March 2011, when attorney general Chris Koster ordered that all compensation for new permanent total disability claims be withheld. As of today, 55 Missouri workers have been denied compensation owed to them, out of concern that the SIF would become insolvent.

Missouri’s Second Injury Fund has been in place since after World War II, to compensate returning veterans who might have already had some type of disability, but were able to work. Caps imposed on the Fund’s funding have reduced its balance, and claims against it have been steady, with nearly 700 new claims a month.

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