Missouri slip and fall accident trial ends with verdict for Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart.jpgA Missouri woman sued Wal-Mart after she alleged she suffered a broken hip in a Wal-Mart store after tripping over a rug. The Missouri slip and fall accident caused Bonnie Rodrick to undergo surgery on her broken hip, which was ultimately unsuccessful and Rodrick had to undergo hip replacement surgery.

Since her fall in the Wal-Mart in 2004, Rodrick alleged she has fallen 3 more times, falls which she attributes to her 2004 fall and her resulting weakened leg and hip. Those falls also left her with injuries, including a broken femur, which required another surgery. She also fractured a rib and a wrist during these other falls. Prior to her fall in Wal-Mart, Rodrick was the sole provider of care for her husband, who has Alzheimer’s, and because of her fall and resulting injuries, it was necessary for the family to move her husband into a nursing home.

There were no witnesses to her fall, although there was videotape. However, apparently it was difficult to tell if the rug was upturned or not lying flat when Rodrick fell. Rodrick claimed a manager came to help her after she fell, but dropped her, hurting her more, and then refused to call an ambulance.

The Plaintiff’s attorney said he is deciding whether to appeal, because he believes it was error for the trial court not to allow him to cross examine the store manager about an internal memo that described how a safety meeting was held after Rodrick’s fall that acknowledged that Rodrick tripped over the mat . The store manager had testified that he did not know of any problem with the mat.