Missouri runner settles personal injury case after being struck by truck

jogger.jpgA Jefferson County, Missouri youth settled a personal injury lawsuit against a utility company whose truck struck the young runner while he was running along the side of the road. The auto/pedestrian accident happened in June 2009. The truck struck the student while he was running, dragging him along, which resulted in serious personal injuries in the runner’s feet, ripping tendons and flesh from his right foot. The driver then drove away, although he did eventually turn around and return to the scene of the accident. Allegedly, the driver then drove the runner to his parent’s house where the driver then lied about what happened.

The young runner settled the case for $1 million dollars. He is no longer able to run competitively, and lost any chance he had at obtaining a college scholarship based on running. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks after the accident.