Missouri Highway Patrol begins anti-texting campaign to reduce automobile accidents

texting.jpgThe Missouri Highway Patrol announced a new “anti-texting” campaign in an effort to reduce the number of drivers who text or otherwise use their cell phones while driving. Texting while driving is a large cause of dangerous automobile accidents in Missouri which can lead to death or personal injury.

In connection with the campaign, the Missouri Highway Patrol has also introduced a new logo, which will be available as a window decal that the public is encouraged to place on their cars.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, texting while driving was the cause of almost 1,800 traffic accidents in 2009 in Missouri alone. So far in 2010, 791 automobile accidents have been caused by cell phone use, resulting in 8 deaths and 239 personal injuries.

Missouri bans texting while driving for all drivers 21 and under. However, all drivers, even those over 21, should not text while driving. Obviously, drivers should also not send emails from smart phones or otherwise try to type while driving. Not only does texting distract your eyes from the road as you look down at the tiny keys to type, it also takes your hands away from the steering wheel, as well as your mind away from its most important task–driving.