Missouri does not pass a more complete ban on texting while driving

texting while driving.jpgMissouri failed to pass a new ban on texting while driving in an effort to reduce auto accidents. The new law would have banned texting by all drivers in Missouri, not just drivers over 21 years old. As previously posted, the government was considering imposing a complete ban on texting while driving. However, this measure failed. Since the law against texting while driving for drivers under 21 went into affect, 28 tickets have been written to violators of the law.

Of course, even without a law, drivers should exercise personal responsibility and caution while operating a motor vehicle, and decide for themselves that it is dangerous to text while driving a car. Obviously, if a driver is typing out a message, he or she is not giving their full attention to the roadway, and it only takes a split second of inattention to cause a catastrophic auto accident. This same rationale goes to the many other activities drivers partake in that can divert their attention from their main task, driving, such as applying makeup, eating in the car, or even reading the newspaper while driving. So absent a law expressly forbidding these activities, hopefully, drivers will use common sense and caution when driving and do so safely.