Kansas City Missouri medical malpractice case settles

independence courthouse.jpgKansas City, Missouri clinic Health Centers of America-Kansas City and Dr. Carol Ann Ryser have settled a claim against them for treating false diagnosis. This is only one of several lawsuits against the defendants. Patients of the doctor and clinic were being treated for diseases they did not have, and often reported feeling worse after the treatment than they did before the treatment.

Allegations against Dr. Ryser include that she was trying to make money off of selling supplements to her patients, and in order to do so, was diagnosing patients with ailments they did not have so that they would buy the supplements. The specific case that settled in October 2010 involved a woman who was diagnosed by Ryser as having Lyme disease, and she was treated for months with various antibiotics and supplements before going to the ER in January 2009 and being diagnosed correctly with hyperthyroidism.