Sex Discrimination in the Workplace Goes Both Ways In Missouri

waiter-1151761-m.jpgThe Missouri Human Rights Act prohibits sex discrimination in the workplace. Section 213.055 RSMo. Your employer cannot terminate you, fail to hire you, or demote you because of your sex, either male or female. Many Missouri cases tend to deal with sexual discrimination in the workplace against women, but men can also be the victims of discrimination in the workplace based on sex.
Recently, the restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday has been sued by the EEOC for discriminating against its male employees. Allegedly, the restaurant chain posted a job opening and expressly asked for female candidates only. The complainants in this case worked at a Ruby Tuesday located in Republic, Missouri. However, the job posting went out to employees in many states, and was for a job opening in Utah. Ruby Tuesday hired 7 women and no men for the job. The case is still pending.

Remember, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate based on sex against both men and women. If you feel you are being treated differently at work based on your sex, please give us a call. Ponder Zimmermann handles sexual discrimination cases and would be happy to discuss your options with you.