Driver in St. Louis trucking accident that killed three sentenced to one year on manslaughter charges

My Semi Truck 001.jpgThe truck driver responsible for the 2008 auto accident in St. Louis that killed 3 and injured 14 others was sentenced to one year in jail for the manslaughter charges brought against him. In the summer of 2008, Jeffrey R. Knight was driving on Highway 40 in St. Louis when he reached for his cell phone. Because he was distracted, he did not see that traffic on Highway 40 was stopped. Once he realized traffic was stopped, he was unable to slow his semi truck in time to avoid plowing into traffic.

Knight was released from jail after the judge gave him credit for time served. He had already served 371 days in jail. He plead guilty to the charges against him.

Mark Tiburzi was among those involved in the crash that suffered severe personal injury as a result of the accident. Although he survived, he is unable to walk and talk, and lives in a nursing facility. He was awarded $18 million dollars in a settlement from the trucking company and Knight. However, the family says they have not received any money yet.

There are other unresolved personal injury claims against Knight.

Traffic accidents involving commercial semi trucks can have serious consequences. In 2008, large trucks were involved in 6,866 traffic accidents in Missouri, resulting in 109 deaths and 2,215 injuries.