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truck.jpgA Missouri trucking accident case ends with a $6.5 settlement for the man who was injured after being rear ended by a semi truck. The trucking accident occurred in Benton County Missouri in 2005.

The injured party, Timothy Owen, was driving a motorcycle when he was rear ended by the tractor trailer. The truck was being driven by an employee of Allied Systems. Allied Systems leased the truck from the driver, so in this case, there was a unique question about whether the driver was driving the truck in the course and scope of his employment or for personal use.
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Yellow semi.jpgThe St. Louis area truck crash on June 2, 2010 killed two people, and the truck driver is being blamed. The accident happened in Jefferson County, Missouri, around 12:30 on Interstate 55. A 28 year old woman from Festus Missouri and a 52 year old man, who was believed to be a transient worker, were killed. The accident involved 8 vehicles.

The truck driver was Jay Valentine from Texas. He reported that he took his eyes off the road, and when he returned his attention to the roadway, traffic had slowed. He was unable to stop in time before hitting the vehicles. He had attempted to swerve, but was unable to avoid colliding with a Ford Focus, which set off a chain reaction that left 2 dead and others suffering personal injury.
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