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grocery store.jpgA Missouri jury recently entered a verdict in favor of Debra Belliveau in her personal injury lawsuit failed against HAC, Inc. The verdict was for $600,000, and the jury assessed 70% fault to the defendant and 30% fault to the plaintiff. Hence, the award was reduced to $420,000. Belliveau fell while entering a Price Chopper grocery store in St. Joseph, Missouri, causing a burst fracture in her back requiring fusion surgery. She claimed the store created a dangerous condition because it was a rainy day and store employees aligned the floor mats at the store entrance in such a way as to leave a slippery tile area exposed.

Pothole_Small.jpgA St. Louis jury recently returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit arising out of a slip and fall at Del Taco in midtown St. Louis. The plaintiff, Steven Willis, claimed that he injured his back, arm, and leg after he fell through a pothole in the parking lot of the Del Taco located on Grand Boulevard. He introduced evidence of medical and chiropractic bills totaling $6,904. However, the verdict was reduced to $56,250 because the jury found the plaintiff was 25% at fault.

Wal-Mart.jpgA Missouri woman sued Wal-Mart after she alleged she suffered a broken hip in a Wal-Mart store after tripping over a rug. The Missouri slip and fall accident caused Bonnie Rodrick to undergo surgery on her broken hip, which was ultimately unsuccessful and Rodrick had to undergo hip replacement surgery.

Since her fall in the Wal-Mart in 2004, Rodrick alleged she has fallen 3 more times, falls which she attributes to her 2004 fall and her resulting weakened leg and hip. Those falls also left her with injuries, including a broken femur, which required another surgery. She also fractured a rib and a wrist during these other falls. Prior to her fall in Wal-Mart, Rodrick was the sole provider of care for her husband, who has Alzheimer’s, and because of her fall and resulting injuries, it was necessary for the family to move her husband into a nursing home.
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