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car accident.jpgMissouri drivers should use more caution on the roadways, as Missouri driver deaths are on the rise in 2012. As of September 4, 2012, 554 persons died on Missouri roadways. At the same time in 2011, only 478 had died.

Driver inattention is likely to blame for the rise in deaths, as well as drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts. Drivers should take care to buckle up, and not use their cell phones while driving. Sixty percent of those who died in a Missouri car accident were not wearing a seat belt.
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Thumbnail image for snowy road.jpgWinter driving in Missouri is often unpredictable, and car and vehicle accidents can occur when precautions are not taken. Serious personal injury or even death can occur unless drivers either avoid driving altogether is unsafe winter conditions, or take serious precautions when doing so.

The Missouri Department of Transportation offers these tips to help drivers in the winter.
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4787077008_b3ae94a463_s.jpgMissourians are approaching the Fourth of July Holiday weekend, and everyone at Ponder Zimmermann hopes that everyone enjoys an accident-free weekend. Higher levels of traffic can lead to auto accidents, and boating safety is extremely important as thousands of Missourians head to this state’s rivers and lakes. The Missouri Highway Patrol issued this statement concerning boating safety. St. Louis and the surrounding areas have experienced a lot of high water and flooding this spring and summer, so it is especially important to be cautious this summer while having fun on the water.

Another safety concern over the holiday weekend is firework safety. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued these warnings concerning firework safety.

snowy road.jpgMissouri winter weather, including snow, ice, and wind, can make driving very dangerous and increase a driver’s chance of being involved in an automobile accident. The Missouri Department of Transportation gives drivers many safety tips to lower their chances of an auto accident in the winter, although many of these tips are relevant year-round.

Holiday driving brings more drivers to Missouri’s roads, and the Missouri Highway Patrol has released its report for the 2010 Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

car in water.jpgTwo Missouri men started the new year off with a bang when they were involved in a car accident whereby the car they were driving slipped off the Earth City Expressway and landed in a pond on Monday morning. Neither of the men were hurt, and both made it to shore. The police say the driver may have been going too fast.

green light.jpgLast week a St. Louis County jury returned a $75,000 verdict for the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit arising out an auto accident. The car accident occurred in April, 2007. The plaintiff, Valjean Lewis, was traveling in a taxi when the driver turned left at an intersection and was struck by an oncoming vehicle. The plaintiff’s attorney, Amanda Murphy, argued the driver did not have the right of way to turn left, as there was not a green arrow, which was required at that intersection. The taxi driver was not present at the trial.

county courthouse.jpgA Sunset Hills, Missouri woman, police officer Christine Miller, was involved in a deadly car accident in March 2009 that left 4 people dead. She faces criminal charges based on the accident. Miller had been drinking when she drove in the opposite direction of traffic, hitting another car head-on. She faces 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of 2nd degree assault, and she is expected to plead guilty today in St. Louis County Circuit Court.

Miller had previously been involved in a wrongful death case stemming from the accident, which settled earlier this year. For more on this story, click here.

Car Accident.jpgA St. Louis jury recently returned a verdict for $3,000,000 in favor of the plaintiff in a car accident case. The case was brought by Alnita Smiley against the City of St. Louis. Smiley alleged that a city truck turned in front of her causing her to swerve her vehicle and strike several parked cars. She further alleged that she suffered severe and permanent injuries in the accident, including a head injury, broken ribs, and several broken vertebrae. The City’s attorney has filed a motion seeking a reduction of the verdict.

Thumbnail image for st. charles courthouse.jpgA St. Charles, Missouri driver who suffered from severe pelvis and knee fractures as a result of an auto accident has settled with the other driver for $1.15 million. Marilyn Leach was driving along the road in St. Charles when she was hit head-on by 17-year old Cody Bernat, who was driving 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. Bernat and his friends were not seriously injured, but Leach was seriously injured, as her lower body was flattened beneath the dashboard and her upper body hit her steering wheel so hard the steering wheel broke it in two. Bernat had crossed the center line, and received a ticket for the accident.

After multiple surgeries, Leach’s injuries require that she now walk with a cane. She was an assistant manager in a fast food restaurant, but can no longer work. Bernat was covered under his father’s $1 million umbrella policy. Leach did not have health insurance at the time of the accident.
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rear end accident.jpgA St. Louis jury awarded Philip Simms $100,000 for his personal injuries he sustained in a vehicle crash in St. Charles County. Simms suffered small fractures in his neck as a result of the rear end crash. He settled with the other driver’s insurance company, then sued his own insurance company to recover under his underinsured policy. The case was tried in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.

Simms had to wear a neck brace for months, and eventually the many fractures healed without surgery. The judge reduced the jury award amount by the $50,000 the other driver’s insurance paid, and the $5,000 already paid by Simms’s insurer, Progressive. According to testimony, the other driver was drunk when he rear ended Simms. However, Simms also admitted have 2 beers earlier in the day.