$1.2 million verdict entered in Missouri federal court in favor of a married couple in their personal injury lawsuit against Dillard’s

department store.jpgOn Friday, a federal judge sitting in Missouri awarded a married couple, Paula and Calvin Kingman, a total of $1,186,388 in their personal injury action against Dillard’s. The unique aspect of the case was that the majority of the damages were awarded to Mr. Kingman, although the lawsuit arose from an accident involving Mrs. Kingman. In that regard, Mrs. Kingman suffered shoulder injuries after a rack fell on her. However, the majority of damages stemmed from Mr. Kingman’s claim that, as a result of the injuries to his wife, she could no longer care for him as she had in the past. The breakdown of the award was $186,388 to Mrs. Kingman, and $1,000,000 to Mr. Kingman.